Importance of gems in clash royale

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are an important feature especially for paying players. Gems are used to unlock chests immediately and purchase golds and chests in the Shop. You can also get gems in Crown Chest and Free Chest. For non-paying players, I recommend to refrain from using your gems for unlocking chests and buying chests in the shop, rather use it for the gold.
Gold is one of the most important aspect in the game aside from the cards. Gold is needed each time you upgrade your troops to a higher level. You also can purchase cards from the Shop by using gold. Gold can be earned by unlocking chests and winning battles.

How to apply cheats in Clash Royale

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The reason why I said it is one the most important in the game, because you can’t make your cards level up if you don’t have enough gold. Plus, spending gold to buy the cards that you want is better than taking chances in buying chests from the Shop.The Shop is where you can purchase 3 cards (common, rare, epic) that refreshes each day at 12:00am, chests (giant, magical, super magical), golds and gems by paying cash. Each purchase of card increases its price. For example, common card costs 10 gold for the first purchase, 12 gold for the second and etc. Rare card costs 20 gold and Epic cards costs 2000 gold, for the first purchase.

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If you are a paying player and decided to buy gems from the shop, you can either buy Gold or Chests. If you don’t have an ideal deck yet, buying a Super Magical Chest is a great buy. Among all the chests, it has the highest chance to drop a Legendary card. However if you already have a good deck, buying gold is better. Upgrading cards are expensive in higher levels. A total cost of a max leveled common card will be 185,625 gold. Also, if you are planning to get Legendary cards, you can buy them at the Shop exclusively if you are in the Legendary Arena 8. Each Legendary card costs 40,000 gold.

Tips and tricks for clash royale
Trophies are not very important in this game. It is only the basis of what Arena you’ll be in. You’ll get a certain amount of trophies for each win and lose some trophies if you are defeated in a battle. For beginners, it is not advisable to rush your self to a higher arena because you may find it much difficult to fight players with higher level deck. The only reason why you want to get higher is to get as many cards you can get out of the chests given on the arena you are in.
Leveling up increases your crown tower’s health and damage. You can only game level up shards by 3 ways, leveling up cards, finishing an achievement and donating troops in your clan. Also, this is not a major concern and there’s no need to rush leveling up.Once you reach level 3, you can now start to join or create a clan. Creating a clan requires 1000 gold, while joining a clan is free, depending on which clan you want to join. Some clans have trophy requirements so choose wisely. It is ideal to have a clan with active members that donates regularly. Donating is the main purpose of having a clan. When you donate, you’ll get gold and level up experience. I advise to donate as much as you can to earn gold and level fast. Give your clan mates the cards they request especially if those are not included in your main deck.

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